A project between choreographer Stephanie Felber and Alexandra Baybutt (2020- ).

a pas de deux with ‘the greatest work of art that is possible in the whole cosmos’

photo 4

Genus Classiciation by Altitude of Occurrence. Vertical Series.

Initiated by visual artist and designer Moi Tran and movement artist Alexandra Baybutt, with theatre director Ria Samartzi in 2013. It takes place in different episodes.

The Vertical Series is concerned with microscopic change and the spatiality of breath. It creates an atmosphere of contemplation, on the uncanny unfolding of the human body as an interior world affecting outer form.


Tor Collaboration

A project between Alexandra Baybutt, and artists Yuri Pirondi and Ines Von Bonhorst using video, sound and movement. Our work has been presented in performance and film festivals in Europe (2013-2015).

Projects include: ‘Luogo Ameno‘, Italy; ‘Time Machine‘, Italy, Slovenia; ‘Extant‘, London; ‘Cleave‘, Italy; ‘Tenants‘, Barbican, London; ‘Surmount‘, Portugal.

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