Genus classification by altitude of occurrence. Vertical Series

Filmed by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi. Clip edited from 5-hour performance by Alexandra Baybutt & Huw Morgan


The Vertical series was initiated in 2013 by artist Moi Tran and Alexandra Baybutt, with Ria Samartzi. This performance is concerned with microscopic change and the spatiality of breath. It is an atmosphere of contemplation on the uncanny unfolding of the human body as an interior world affecting outer form.


Endangered Species.14Dec2018

‘Genus classification by altitude of occurrence. Vertical 6: CDS2018’

2 hour durational performance, Chisenhale Dance Space, London.

Alexandra Baybutt with Stephanie Felber. Co-existing alongside works from Magda Tuka and Dagmara Bilon.







Vertical and Melos, April 23

‘Genus classification by altitude of occurrence. Vertical 5:  STL2016’

5 hour durational performance, St Lawrence Church, London. Composer Huw Morgan presented MELOS.



Vertical 4:  LMS2015 | Vertical 3: MSD2015 | Vertical 2: D2015 | Vertical 1: HIB2013

Photos by Dori Balczó, Moi Tran, film by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi
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