Bartenieff Fundamental Principles – series 2

The Bartenieff Fundamental principles are considered foundational components of movement experience. These 11 classes explore the 11 Bartenieff Fundamental principles in a slightly different way to series 1. They are not easier or harder, just different. This is in order to emphasise that movement principles are a guide for movement explorations that can be done in many different ways. There is no one definitive way to explore a principle.

You can do these classes in any order, though it is advisable to start with Breath support, Weight support or Core support. These classes explore each topic to create space for movement experience and self-observation. These somatic movement repatterning classes require patience, slowing down, listening to your experience and self-reflection. Time is taken to allow your nervous system to relax, to get into a receptive state of comfort in order to explore the connections in your body, in relationship to gravity and the space around it. You are welcome and invited to make whatever modifications and adaptations you wish with the material, and pause the recording at any time.

Undertaking this series of 11 hours of classes would go towards the pre-requisite hours needed if wishing to undertake training in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis. You will need enough space to lie on the floor and move around. Make sure you are warm enough, and wearing soft comfortable clothing you can easily move in. Socks or bare feet are appropriate for these classes. Remove all jewellery before doing class. Do not do these classes immediately after eating. Please note these classes do not use music, and information is primarily led through spoken English (British accent) and some demonstration. Self-reflexivity is part of somatic movement education, so after taking a class, please take time to write/draw from your experience, noting any discoveries, insights and questions you may have.

Buy access to 11 Bartenieff Fundamental Principles classes – series 2

£88 for 1 year’s access to do classes any time, as many times as you wish.

Please note that this payment plan will automatically renew after a year unless you cancel the subscription.

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