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Thursdays, 14 Oct – 18 Nov, 7-8pm UK time


Over 6 one-hour weekly online sessions we will delve into Flow as articulated through the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System. This workshop intensive, styled as a personal movement laboratory, draws from somatic movement education, and improvisation to explore Flow Sensing, Bound and Free Flow and other topics from LBMS.

Why Flow?

Flow in LBMS refers to the ongoing flux of movement, as well as to the inner attitude towards progression, organised on a continuum of Bound Flow and Free Flow. Both Free Flow and Bound Flow, as well as Flow sensing, are useful in releasing and controlling movement expression and becoming present to self.
Autumn in the northern hemisphere is about less light and cooler temperatures. Attending to Flow in movement helps to understand better how to mobilise the connections in your body for greater ease and warmth. Exploring movements that foreground Flow as a preparation for other movement reminds us that we are already-always in the pulse of life.

Sessions will include how your use and sense Flow in relationship to breath, space, weight and time, as well as inner contents and dynamic contrasts.

This autumn weekly workshop intensive is suitable for those interested in deepening and refreshing their physical practice through somatic movement and creative play. It’s for people who want to expand their potential – in communication, as performers, in self-relating. Past clients to my work include artists, fellow movement teachers (yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais), therapists, and more. Some experience of LBMS would be helpful for this workshop, but as it is a personal movement laboratory, you are welcome to come and explore as I use concepts from LBMS to build explorations in order to have experiences that feed back into an understanding of the concept – and of yourself.
Full price: £66 / €77 / $92 – if you are in regular waged/salaried work.
Discount: £54 / €63 / $75 – if you are unemployed, working on precarious/low wages, on disability allowance, retired, on maternity/paternity leave, a member of the artists’ union Equity, a member of the Yoga Teacher’s Union / Independent workers of GB, a member of ISMETA, a member of BAID.
This workshop series is inspired by some of the topics explored in my 2021 summer intensive HABITS, PATTERNS, PERCEPTION and the session ‘Dynamics, not happy seaweed’ in which participants were invited to explore somatic movement education and deep sensing for a range of dynamic expression, and not only slosh about as ‘happy seaweed’ (as once dancer peer puts it). Not that there is anything bad about sensing onself as seaweed, only that there are many ways to move, be moved and flow…

Thursdays, 14 October to 18 November, 7 – 8pm UK time

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After registering your interest, you will receive payment information, then Zoom log-in details after payment is received. The link to the class recording will be emailed to you no later than 24 hours after each of the six sessions takes place live, along with notes and self-reflection prompts. Recordings will be available on request.

Cancellation up to 48-hours in advance of the first session on Thursday 14 Oct 2021 7pm UK time can be made to receive full refund.

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