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These classes introduce & explore movement principles from the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) through improvisation & guided tasks.

Some experience is useful but not necessary, just a willingness to play.

I just wanted to say thank for the classes. I am amazed with them. The explorations helped me to get in touch with something very deep in me – the source of creativity, vitality, spontaneity.

M, Poland

Buy and stream series of classes to do at home or in your studio. They were filmed over Zoom & edited from my live classes.

11 Bartenieff Fundamental Principles classes – series 1
11 Bartenieff Fundamental Principles classes – series 2
4 Themes of Duality classes
10 Playing with Principles classes

2021 dates coming soon

I am enjoying the building of movement tasks during each lesson – simple to more complex – allowing my body and mind to warm up and tune in. I am enjoying learning a new language in my body and a new vocabulary to speak about my experience. During these stressful times I have found the practice to be a nourishing release of unhealthy tension and a great way to begin a day.

Bronwen Kamasz, dance artist, Melbourne, Australia

LBMS is used to understand and explore many aspects of human movement patterns. The system helps to identify both qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of movement, taking into account functional as well as expressive content. I, Ali Baybutt, use and teach it as a somatic practice, which means through the felt-sense of the body, and with an emphasis on creative exploration.

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