How do you want to feel?

6 hour-long movement classes for grounding:

Weight sensing & shift – how do you experience yourself?
Axis of length – how do you sense your body relative to gravity and base of support?
Preparation – how might attending to how your movement starts help you feel grounded and stable in action?
Inner/Outer – how is your inner awareness and outer perception informing your movement?
Spatial intent – how do you connect into the space and back into your body?
Patterns of Crawling – how do you organise your body in movement on the ground?

Get access

Payment of £63 gets you access to these six classes for 12 months to do when ever you want as many times as you want. Because of the way the system is set up, if you don’t want a second year of access, just cancel the subscription before it’s due to renew – and send me an email to tell me how grounded you got!

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