Themes of Duality

This 4-class series explores the pairs of Thematic Dualities.

These four Themes of Duality are important parts of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System through which to organise an understanding of movement phenomena both observed and experienced. Moving and exploring these dualities does not mean it’s an ‘either or’ situation. Rather, it’s ‘both and’ in a non-dual perspective where one theme, for example, Inner, may be more in the foreground of experience, and the other, Outer, in background.

What the pairs of thematic dualities might mean is open to discovery. These classes explore them through movement principles and topics such as breath, vision, hearing, inner connectivity and kinesphere. This class series is not intended to be a definitive guide. Instead, each hour-long class provide a doorway for playful exploration to embody the concepts and deepen your understanding of movement principles. You will need some experience of the 11 Bartenieff Fundamental principles to do these classes. You will need enough space to move about and lie on the floor. You can do these classes in any order.

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