inability festival

inability festival



How is 3rd Life?

When is a Saturday Party?

Where is Redzone?

What is A Cell?

What is a Choreographer?

What is a Festival?

What is a Kitchen?

How is a Manifestation : of the next hour?

Who is a Pilot?

What does it take to adapt to that?

When is an After-Party?

How do you know when you’re in an Antechamber?

How do you Artifactory?

How ignorant of Laban’s knowledge does one have to be to force others to learn bits of it here and there so badly?

When does knowledge become museumified?

Where is the Astronaut?

On which floor is the Balcony?

How long is a session?

What are Beverage and Battery? Who is a Boy?

Whose is the Cabinet of curiosities?

Where are the Possible agents?

What does the Camera operator scalpel?

How are you in the CCD Toilets?

Cesspool is?

con/temporary choreo-graphix are?

Do you see or slip on IC contact?

Is it about earning or granting Credibility?

When is a dance floor?

When is your Denouement?

Dance Dissemination in Medieval Context in a Neoliberalist Contemporary Context?

Fe/Male Toilets, which do you choose?

Why do you document?

Who is Arian?

When is a doorWOman not a doorWOman? When she’s a jar?

What is you favourite Festivity?

Should the Field Notator look for utopia?

Where is the French Corner?

What is a French Hole?

How does a Freer:Hyper-Passion Poop sound?

What is your general inability?

What did you learn from Gravity Dance for Local Audiences?

Would you skip in a Gallery Corridor?

What does one require to be gueST, a gusset?

What is the sell-by date of GueST Ensembles?

Can you recalibrate performers as hoaSTs?

Did you hear “homage to furniture music”?

When do I travel without leaving here?

Do you shiver too at an IC application?

How might you expand the IC Con-text, and it yours?

IC crew members, do you?

IC Deadline is mobile, is it for you?

What would be IC MA Key Words?

Do you want to be a Member of the Audience of Two?

Where is the Slovenian National Theatre Toilet?

What does Split Time Space Holding look like?

Could you fall in love with the IC invigilator?

IM a maSTer STudent of?

Who gets to go in the Gravity Chamber?

Where is the gueST artiST?

IC Investigation when?

What is IC Knowledge?

IC Job for how much?

IC Profile left or right?

What is the IC Protocol?

How loose is the IC space-time plan?

When is the IC Result?

From this evening’s experiences, how would you describe the IC Stand?

Where did you come from to the IC Whereabouts?

How curved is the IC Meander?

Would you participate in an inability ballet?

What are inability bloopers?

Did you read the IC CV?

Where are inability headquarters?

What is in-Ability re-Education?

inabilityDOTnet(work), how to rewire?

Who will save inability.doc?

How was your inability drama tour G?

How fast is the bandwidth of inter/net ensemble?

How dangerous is inability fever?

How comprehensive is the inability index?

What should the inability log password be?

What should the ability log password be?

How many members does the inability orchestra have?

How to inability support?

Do you wear an inability uniform?

Do you recognise an inability vacation?

Are you an inability reader?

Would you join inability re-search?

Do you like doing an in Ability fArt?

Who is Information Attendance?

Where is Informed and Informing Body?

What is a Problem?

What is a Solution?

Which JanAbility would you choose: StripTease? Labour? Slow Trespass?

Did you watch Dexter’s Laboratory?

How to Attune? How to Observe? How to Report?

Is Terpsichore your muse?

How are your Sonics?

Did you go to Pre-School?

Would you attend a Leisure Lecture?

What is meant by Meant for those who don’t mind moving on Sundays?

Where are the Mentor Quarters?

Who is Maybe Mobile Information Station?

How is it to navigate Maybe Mobile Information Station Data Console?

On the inability of sharing space-time?

Can you cure curation?

When does the Open Rehearsal close?

What do you keep Forgetting?

Is Home where or what or who?

Are other hours elsewhere greener?

Would Rancière enjoy the poli-linguistic choir?

How long is a tour?

Propaganda: are you a social media bitch or do you tweet the fuck out of your public relations?

What is your special inability?

How old is Slavoj Žižek?

If John Cage falls in a silent forest, does he make a sound?

Would you join in locally elective aeroBX?

Is STLecturer dyslexic?

Would you hug StreetaBility?

Is there an ejector seat in the Suspension Room?

How much do you want to laugh at the Serious Introduction?


What is the highest triple word score in the ICDictionary?

Do you believe in space-time?

Would you attend a SpaceTime Conference?

When and where does the space-time lecture series begin?

How convoluted is space-time public relations?

How to nurture sustainAbility?

What are Talking Bodies for Dancers?

What is your technical inability?

The Internet didn’t work, so we opened the windows, did you see yourself?

This is who IM?

Where was the invited artiST?

Are you afraid of the Not?


Could now?

Where were you in summer 2013?

Do you treat your mother like a Toilet Lady?

What was the conflict of the Two Kings and a French Town?

What is the difference between Wishing and Wanting?

What is The history of possible futures for you?

What Words against Sky did you say?

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