What is dramaturgy?

Befriending the artistic work The artist makes the work; the dramaturg support the process. Less movement intervention and more conversation partner and offering second set of eyes/perceptual systems: dramaturgy is a bit like being a midwife…

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What is movement coaching?

Interested in feeling more at home in your own skin or working on a particular skill? Check out these questions about working 1 to 1 with me How is movement coaching faciliated? I verbally facilitate and…

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by Berenice Abbott 1958
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I, Alexandra Baybutt (PhD, CMA, RSME) do many things with movement. For about 15 years ‘professionally’, forever otherwise. This blog is a mix of observations, how-tos, haikus, reviews, reports, and thinking fast and slow. It’s other title is ‘Movement of Thought’.

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