My research interests reflect my interdisciplinary training and working life

Cultural politics, cultural production, curation

Dancing Through Crises (Feb-March 2021)
Project led by Dr Alex Kolb and Dr Nicole Haitzinger, with assitance from Dr Anna Leon and Dr Alexandra Baybutt on the effects of Brexit and Covid-19 on the diversity of UK’s independent dance scene. MORE
Contemporary festivals in the former Yugoslav space, 2007-2017: the imperceptible politics of curatorial praxis
PhD, Middlesex University, completed 2020. Examiners: Prof. Vida Midgelow and Dr. Catherine Baker. Supervisors: Dr. Jo Machon, Dr. Stefanie Sachsemaier & Dr. Valeria Graziano.
Critical Stages peer-reviewed journal, Unstable Ground issue (2021), article on Contexts, Traces, Inspiration: Three Statements of Working Principles from the Former Yugoslav Space.
Forthcoming book chapter (2021) on Festivals, Utopia and Europe in a peer-reviewed collection co-edited by Dr. Alexandra Kolb & Dr. Nicole Haitzinger (Epodium, Munich).
Paper presentation at ASA/Association of Social Anthropology annual conference (2019), University of East Anglia, extract of fieldwork on the independent dance scenes vs the Ministry of Culture in Serbia (2016-17)
Paper presentation at PSi 25/Performance Studies international, University of Calgary, Canada, on Macedonian independent dance scenes, and presentation in Dramaturgy Working Group (2019)
Paper co-presentation with Jasmina Založnik on inability festival at the Katalyst Festival, Köln, at ‘The politics of performance and play: feminist matters conference’, Leiden University, NL (2016)

Dramaturgy & curation

Global Performance Studies peer-reviewed journal, Elasticity issue (2021), article on Dramaturgical Awareness.
Contributed an essay in Die Akte mo.ë on the end of an artists’ collectively-run space in Vienna, AT. Eds Alisa Beck and Marie-Christin Rissinger (2019)

Work, labour, care

Commentary on ‘essential labour‘ in the Covid-19 crisis in the Society for the Anthropology of Work (2020).
Paper presentation on volunteerism in festivals, at ‘Theatre and Employment’ conference, Queen Mary University, UK (2017)

Movement-sound relations

Terpsichorean Sonics
A system of education created by Ivan Mijačević with Alexandra Baybutt on music theory, and movement-sound relations for dancers in training. Lecture-demonstration with Ivan Mijačević for interdisciplinary arts symposium ‘Music Pours Over The Sense’ on movement-sound relations and approaches to dance improvisation, University of Graz, AT (online, 2020). MORE
Play As You Are
Somatic movement interventions for musicians between Alexandra Baybutt and violist Maya Felixbrodt. MORE
Barefoot Opera
Opera educators Jenny Miller (artistic director of Barefoot Opera) and Penelope Randall-Davis work with movement specialists Evelyn Freebury and Alexandra Baybutt on a unique integrative holistic approach to opera singing training and performance. MORE

Space – philosopical, embodied, political

The Space Harmony of BESS
Practice-as-research movement workshop for Laban/Bartenieff Movement System community, exploring Laban’s notion of Space Harmony through Body, Effort, Shape and Space, with Karen Studd (Spring 2021)

Movement, embodiment, pedagogy

Caet (Creative Arts and Educational Theory) peer-reviewed journal (2019). Co-authored across several continents. That word doesn’t exist in my language: teaching and learning Laban/Bartenieff Movement System in multiple languages.
I am one of a team of Laban Movement Analysts responsible for movement-coding 50+ interviews in a qualitative and quantitative personality assessment testing research project, carried out between the University of Chicago (USA) and the University of Haifa (Israel) led by Dr. Rachelle Tsachor. Contributed to the design of the coding sheet and methodology, and subsequent coding (2020-2021).


My Academia page HERE

I am available for academic supervision / assessing. Experience includes:

2019-ongoing I grade and give feedback to BA dance, theatre and musical theatre students on ther papers and dissertations at Bird College.

2013-2014 I was an external supervisor to Maya Felixbrodt during her MA in music composition at The Royal Conservatory of Music in the Hague, NL. As a CMA (Certified Laban Movement Analyst), I supported her deployment of Laban’s Effort theory within her research and practice.

2013-ongoing I assess and give feedback to both written and practical work in HE programmes that I teach in, and on the Certification programme in Laban Movement Analysis.

Peer review experience includes

For CAET journal

For Frontiers in Robotics and AI HERE

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