LBMS for dance improvisation

Learn about LBMS for dance improvisation through dance improvisation. Improvisation in dance is used for choreography, for performance, for training/technique. This workshop will offer tools and insights for all these possible extensions of movement improvisation, building from LBMS concepts. I have been working with improvisation in different ways since 2002, enjoying the concreteness of terms as windows to new poetics in my movement experience.

LBMS is a comprehensive system used to understand and explore many aspects of human movement patterns. LBMS is unique as it identifies both the qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of movement, taking into account functional as well as expressive content. I teach it as a somatic practice (through the felt-sense of the body) with an emphasis on creative exploration and empowerment.

My aims are to support you in increasing and refining your tools for creative practice and for using improvisation. This introduction to LBMS as a playful toolbox will complement your existing practices and skills. This workshop is for dancers, choreographers and dance teachers of all kinds, for dance movement therapists, performers and those curious about LBMS/somatic movement education. Experience of dance is necessary to take part in this workshop. No experience of LBMS needed.


This workshop will include tasks, pictures, hand-outs, questions & experiments. It will visit all areas of LBMS including body connectivity, Space Harmony, Effort theory/dynamics of movement, relationship and shape-change, patterns of phrasing. We will explore making and transforming material, as well as making ‘scores’, image/word-based sketches for an improvisation, that open potential but create some edges.


2 two-hour sessions over the weekend will immerse you in processes and movement explorations, and give opportunity to connect with other practitioners. These will open questions you can bring to a 1 to 1 session after the weekend.

Building a practice takes time. This design is intended to give you space to reflect, deepen and move in your own space. And it gives me an opportunity to meet you more closely!


Saturday 21 + Sunday 22 November 2020: 2 hours live online session each day. 10am-12 GMT / 11am – 13 CET

Sessions will be recorded and made available if you cannot attend live.

A thirty minute 1 to 1 individual movement coaching/discussion session with me to take place sometime between 23 and 27 November.

£80 / €88 / UD$105 Cancellation and refund up to 48 hours in advance.

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