Maya Felixbrodt

Maya is a Violist, an experimental musician, performer and artist based in Amsterdam, NL.

In her cross-disciplinary practice, she investigates different styles, genres and disciplines as a performer, composer and researcher.

At the forefront of her work is her independent research of music and movement, games and improvisation as communication tools.

As an educator she is teaching music, leading workshops for various projects and organization and facilitating interdisciplinary making.

She works with individual artists and ensembles as a consultant for interdisciplinary research and stage work as well as with festivals and cultural organizations as a curator and producer.

Maya performs as a soloist, with ensembles of various genres and engages in different multi-disciplinary collaborations. She is the founder and member in companies: Moving strings – ensemble of moving musicians , Zvov – dada/cabaret duo with Bassist Shaya Feldman, Synzine – magazine for musical games, No Horns – folk/impro duo with Violinist Miriam den Boer and Zyft – free improvisation trio with Guitarist Henk Zwerver and Bass-clarinetist Ziv Taubenfeld. She is also the founder and member of “Street view Collective” together with Miriam den Boer and Christine Cornwell who runs the “Vogellab” studio in Amsterdam-noord and creates different artistic projects in the neighbourhood. In 2019 Maya formed the Street view residency program which was supported by the AFK.

She has completed her BA in Viola from The Academy for Music and Dance, Jerusalem. A second BA and an MA in Composition at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague, NL and has written her MA thesis during an Erasmus semester at MIAM, ITU, Istanbul. Currently she is studying on the LBMS Certification Program to become a Laban Bartenieff Movement Analyst.


Maya & Ali have been working together in different ways since 2013, and teaching the Play As You Are experimental movement & sound workshops since 2020.

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