Movement direction & dramaturgy

Since 2009 I work with professional performing artists including performers, singers, dancers, choreographers, directors and musicians as a movement director and coach to improve their work in live theatre, opera, concerts, film, video and photo-shoots. I work both one-to-one, and in rehearsals with groups.

In close collaboration with clients, I identify and work to refine issues such as character physicality,  non-verbal communication and composition in space. I offer an outside eye during rehearsal processes and practical solutions to individual needs. I tailor bespoke warm-up and cool down strategies for productions for performers to take with them on tour.

My work as a dramaturge involves ongoing questioning of the context that is being created through the performance, exporing its socio-political dimensions and possible meaningfulness, and writing texts for a production like programme notes, essays and itnerviews. I question a choreographer or director to help them better understand the work they are making. We all thinking differently outside of our own heads.

My influences include my experiences as a performer, choreographer and academic researcher, as well as the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System and somatic movement education. I enjoy working in and for many contexts: theatres and non-traditional performances spaces, outdoors and on location.

Fancy a chat about something you’re working on that needs a second opinion?

Clients include

Individual choreographers, photographers and designers

Tania Soubry, choreographer. I work with Tania as a dramatuge for Brave (K)new Rave (various, London and Trois-CL, Luxembourg, 2019-2020)

Andy Day, photographer. I worked with Andy on his shooting movement, dance and parkour workshops for Central St Martins, as a performer and choreographer (London, 2012-13)

Maria-Laura Wandavi knitwear designer. I supported a shoot, doing movement coaching for a promotional video (London, 2012)

Musicians, bands and opera companies

Moving Strings experimental music group concert. I developed intersticial dramaturgy with the different composers and with performer/percussionist Yung-tuan Ku (Splendor music venue, Netherlands, 2020)

Barefoot OperaAlcina, Carmen, L’elisir D’amore

Squeeze band, choreography for camera with Janine Harrington, for Slap and Tickle, 2010/11 US and UK tour

Titanium Sporkestra steampunk marching band in Seattle

Laurel Collective band

Theatre companies and directors

I have worked with director Kezia Cole of Sharklegs theatre company since 2010

MolinoGroupDesert, The Roland ProjectMuch Further Out Than You Thought

UNTitled TheatreBeast

HoboTheatreHeaven in Berlin

Theatre Delicatessen, Great White UnknownHenry V, A Doll’s House,  Mercury Fur, Fanshen, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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