Movement Coaching & Somatic Movement Education

Classes & topics

Bartenieff Fundamental Principles

These classes hone in on the Bartenieff Fundamental Principles of human movement. All welcome, no experience necessary, be prepared for a movement laboratory using your own body and experience.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Diagonals Forever

Explorations of Rudolf Laban’s iconic ‘Diagonal Scale’ updated for 21st century rituals, chair-based health, and taking you off your centre only to bring you back again.

Workshop series coming soon

Pregnancy Yoga & Somatic Movement

Safe, playful and grounding pregnancy yoga with free movement. Second and third trimester welcome. No experience necessary.

Thursdays & Saturdays

1 to 1 sessions

Somatic movement education, movement coaching, and yoga. For artists and performers, general health, pain management, function and expression, communication and pleasure.


Can’t recommend her strongly enough

Dan Edwardes, Director, Parkour Generations – 

I think that any artist of any kind, who loves space and performing arts, should take part in this wonderful work

Fortunato Angelini, Lecturer & Choreographer

Soft skills for hard times

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