Dancing Through Crises (Feb-March 2021)
Project led by Dr Alex Kolb and Dr Nicole Haitzinger, with assitance from Dr Anna Leon and Dr Alexandra Baybutt on the effects of Brexit and Covid-19 on the diversity of UK’s independent dance scene.
Terpsichorean Sonics
A system of education created by Ivan Mijačević with Alexandra Baybutt on music theory, and movement-sound relations for dancers in training.
Teaching Laban/Bartenieff Movement System
That word doesn’t exist in my language‘ article in Caet (creative arts and educational theory) peer-reviewed journal. Co-authored across several continents. Because co-writing and co-research is infinitely more interesting and generative than the solo-endeavours academia would have you pursue. Recent research-based workshops include the Space Harmony of BESS with Karen Studd (Spring 2021), and Play As You Are with Maya Felixbrodt, continuing movement-sound relations exploration.
Conferences archive
Conferences I have presented papers at solo or with collaborators
PhD research
Title: Contemporary festivals in the former Yugoslav space, 2007-2017: the imperceptible politics of curatorial praxis. Middlesex University, 2015-2020. Examiners: Prof. Vida Midgelow and Dr. Catherine Baker. Supervisors: Dr. Jo Machon, Dr. Stefanie Sachsemaier & Dr. Valeria Graziano.

Published papers/chapters
May 2021: Global Performance Studies peer-reviewed journal, Elasticity issue, on Dramaturgical Awareness. Book chapter on Festivals, Utopia and Europe in a peer-reviewed collection co-edited by Dr. Alexandra Kolb & Dr. Nicole Haitzinger (Epodium, Munich).
Commentary on ‘essential labour‘ in the Covid-19 crisis in the Society for the Anthropology of Work.
Examples of academic supervision and assessing.
Editing & copy-editing
I am available intermittently for editing PhD theses, articles, speeches and play texts. Recent work includes Ioannis Mandafounis’ choreographic handbook (editing & copy-editing), and choreographer Athina Valha’s PhD (copy-editing).

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