Giles Roberts – actor and writer

Beth Pitts, director of theatre company MolinoGroup with whom I regularly collaborate, invited me to work with actor Giles Roberts on the one-man play he wrote, ‘Much Further Out Than You Thought. Rehearsal and preparation required attending to the crucial physical, emotional and mental stamina that a month run at the Edinburgh Festival requires. My work with Giles drew on Laban’s Diagonal Scale, and explored the multiple ways in which one can explore a movement form (tempo, phrasing, quality). We explored the landscape of the scenes of his play and vocal work in order to swiftly transition into its world – and back out again.

The exercises we worked through back in rehearsals remained vitally useful, and the ‘cube’ I used in my warm-ups. That feeling of rootedness, in combination with the discombobulation that came with the changes of direction and tempo were key tools. As the month went on I felt comfortable in absorbing them, so that by the time I was well and truly into my stride with the performance, I felt able to internalise those same sensations without the need for much outward physical movement. Thank you.

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