The Space Is In Between Us


The Space is In Between Us is open, playful and makes a strong connection with the audience.

It’s a unique sound and movement piece by artists Alexandra Baybutt & Dávid Somló. The work created will be responsive – with live music from Dávid, and improvised dance and movement from Alexandra. It invites you to be part of a temporary community – one exploring the decisions we make, the patterns we create, and the traces we leave behind.

Before the Performances

Objects are collected through donations from the local community.
These objects might be furniture, plants or other household items.

The Performance

The up-cycled objects are offered to the audience each night, who are are invited to assemble them to co-create the environment in which the piece unfolds.  The space remains shared and decentralised for the duration of the piece – by audience, objects and performers alike.

After The Performance

The furniture and objects will be offered to you as audience to have delivered to your home after the last performance.

Over October and November, the stories that emerge around the donated objects are documented. These stories of the collection of the objects, extracts of how they are used in the performance and their journeys to new owners are shared online.

We follow a desire to uncover, build traces and contemplate the tangible and intangible material that is in between us.”

Co-creator / David Somló

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