Collaborations Archive

a dog may or may not have barked

In 2013 and 2014, Alexandra Baybutt and musician Dávid Somló created a durational-improvisation series called ‘a dog may or may not have barked’, with the support of Theatre Delicatessen, performed in London. See a film here shot by Lucie Sheppard, edited by Dávid Somló. Read Lizzy Le Quesne‘s text here. Photo: Hannah Ankatell.

In 2014 and 15 Alexandra Baybutt and David Somlo created a space-and-audience responsive durational improvisation performance series called ‘The Space Is In Between Us’, with the support of Theatre Delicatessen, performed over 30 times in London and Berlin (at the Let Me In Festival). See an extract film here. Photo: Martin Surzyn.
holding dear

In 2014, ‘Holding dear’ was a performance exchange by ab & jfd & ml (Jane Frances Dunlop and Mira Loew), an installation-performance of conversations about what we and you hold dear. Performed in London at the Theatre Delicatessen Spaced festival, and at Hart’s Lane aesthetics of protest festival. Photo: Mira Loew.

Lindsey Best by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi
Drifting, Grasslands

‘Drifting, Grasslands’ was a site-based performance in Tottenham Hale as part of the Inter-Scape event by Magma Collective in 2013. Performed by Alexandra Baybutt & Mark Carberry, with Lindsey Best & Wendy Windle. It explored the body as ghost and physical markers for arrested time. Read the full review of the event here. Photo: Pascal Ancel Bartholdi.
Tea Revives the World

In 2011 Alexandra Baybutt and writer/performer Ben Gwalchmai created and presented ‘Tea Revives the World’ in four parts over four days: ‘Convection’, ‘Tis very easy to see they have more Liberty than we’ (with musician Gemma Gayner), ‘Trading’ and ‘Tea Revives’, as part of the Greenwich Dances Festival, with the support of Greenwich Dance. Photo: Martin Surzyn.

In 2012, Alexandra Baybutt and visual artist Ben Varney presented ‘Succour’, a performance installation, at Greenwich Dance, London. In derived from a conversation on the nature of alchemy. The transmutation of base matter to spiritual gold. Photo: Ben Varney.

First Person Theatre‘ was Alexandra Baybutt, choreographer Joe Wild, and sound artists Sarah Owen and Nick Janaway. In 2007-08, we created head-phone theatre performances- ‘Little Match Girl’ with Athina Vahla , ‘Way Station‘, ‘Encrypt’ and ‘Firgurehead’, presented at festivals in Southampton, Brighton, Bradford and London.


In 2013 Alexandra Baybutt and Ben Varney gave an interdisciplinary workshop on moving for drawing.

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