Performing and Dancing

Since 2004 I have performed professionally for several choreographers and visual artists in many spaces and sites in Europe and north America. Here are some of the more recent projects and significant experiences:


IMG-1581.JPG Artist Guida Miranda invited me to perform for an art film, ‘The Show’, made for inclusion in the 2018 annual group exhibition, ‘Zimmer Frei’ in Hotel Mariandl, Munich. My role was as a kind of TV-host for an unknowable contest.



LSBU_GIF_3_600x600.gifIn 2018 curator Theresa Kneppers invited me to animate several paintings from the Borough Road Collection Archive to produce a series of GIFS. These kinaesthetic responses were informed by the images, the qualities of paint and the motion invited.



Felber-vorne-360x360.jpg In 2017 I performed in a quintet by choreographer Stephanie Felber. ‘vague de corps’ was a site-based, audience-responsive performance that premiered at PATHOS Atelier in Munich, Germany. In 2018, we re-staged the work for Labor Atelier, Munich.


A Baybutt.March 2018.JPGI performed in a quartet of speech and movement for visual artists Tyler Eash and Sara Rodrigues. ‘Allusion to a body no longer present’ premiered in February 2018 at The Swiss Church, and was presented at St Giles Cripplegate church, both in London. A film of the performance was screened at Kunstraum gallery, London in March 2019.

Invisible Space Viaggio nelle citta invisibili_ph-massimilianoleoni.jpg

I choreographed and performed solo pieces for theatre director Karim Galici in two of his site-based, promenade, sensorial-theatre productions in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. ‘Invisible Space – viaggio nelle città’invisibili’ in 2016, and ‘In A Mosaic World’, 2018.


AverageHeightLadies2018.png In 2018 stepped into the end part of choreographers Sophie Arstall and Elizabeth Barker’s research and development process of ‘Whispers’, under their project Average Heigh Ladies. I performed for a public sharing of the research and in a short film of their work.


ali-palimpsestI performed ‘Palimpsest’ for Mark Carberry, in collaboration with John Greenwood and John Galvin at Dance Limerick, Ireland, 2014.

Read Jeffrey Gormly’s response here


By Richard Baybutt
By Richard Baybutt

I generated movement in response to visual artist Mette Sterre‘s works. I performed ‘Structurealist’  in several UK and London galleries and theatres over 2013/14, and the film has been screened in various spaces. I also performed ‘Altra Motion Quartz’, and performed ‘Structurealist’ in ‘Crystal Mette & the Fictions’.



10537075_10152263222371809_9100535323244702768_nI have worked with choreographer and researcher Carolyn Deby/sirenscrossing as a creative performer in site-based projects in 2012 and 2014.




149188_10150316102625398_7969789_nI performed with Seattle-based interdisciplinary performance company Manifold Motion in a site-based production called ‘Under’ in 2010.



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