Claudia Chappuis – Dance Teacher

Claudia Chappuis, Dance Teacher, working and teaching in Switzerland. Claudia sought me out for a one-to-one Bartenieff Fundamentals re-patterning session on a visit to London.


I felt a clear change in my body alignment during the two hours of the one-to-one movement re-patterning session. I felt my bone structure very present and stabilising, as if the bones had been newly arranged. In standing I felt the support of the ground coming directly up through the centre of my bones. I never experienced this so strongly before. It still lasts and I practice the BF exercises frequently. 

I enjoyed Alexandra’s warm and friendly presence, and her professionalism. I felt her quiet supportive presence at a close distance.

I think Bartenieff Fundamentals is a strong Method for movement training, though it all comes down to the teaching. A good method can be ineffective without appropriate teaching. My personal opinion is that she doing a great work here. 


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