Justyna Sochaj – Dance artist, educator

Professional dance artist and educator Justyna Sochaj attended my weekly movement classes for her own ongoing development, and to learn more of the work of Laban and Bartenieff.

‘I had an amazing experience in Alexandra’s movement classes. It was a place to play and create, but also to take a breath. It gave me lots of space to learn and discover new things and rediscover what I already knew. I found each session really inspiring, enabling me to examine the relation between the body and movement. Interesting combinations of exercises helped me to feel and understand different mechanisms in the body and develop greater awareness of myself in action. Reflecting on the experience, the challenge for me was to change my movement patterns, to do less, listen and correct any imbalances. There were many valuable guidelines on approaching particular exercise such as different movement combination and correlation between every section. Hands-on techniques helped me to restore my energy and let go any tension.  I became interested in how to make simple changes in the way so I can move naturally and without feeling pain or tension. Alexandra provided some excellent guidelines how to work with greater awareness. She is a great movement practitioner with very sweet and joyful energy. I will recommend her workshop to everyone.’

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