Kimberley Harvey – dance artist, educator, choreographer

Kimberely Harvey (Subtle Kraft Co) kindly agreed to audit my online movement principle classes in light of her expertise as an inclusive dance educator and artist.

I really enjoyed your classes, the value of your knowledge and information that you are sharing. It was a treat to delve into, and the way you facilitate it allows for each individual to apply it to their own body. I loved it when you said there is a sense of possibility to discover what happens. The use of imagery is gorgeous – anatomically and in other ways. I enjoyed your use of qualities and layering information – that makes it inherently very accessible, and that it’s an individuals’ progression within that that is important. The depth of the work, deepening understanding, and the level of detail is a beautiful thing, as well as to encourage individuals to find the detail themselves, exploring the question of what does their body do. It is an incredibly supportive guiding, accompanying the mover in ways that are gentle, nuanced and thorough. It’s not a given in these kinds of sessions, so that’s really somethings to relish in. I really appreciate the way you give ownership and choice to the people that you work with.

If you want to work with me and have questions about your physical needs and ways of translating movement material, let’s have a chat

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