Where to go when you fit in everywhere, or What’s all this about then?

Well, movement is everywhere, but I’m not everywhere.

I don’t fit in in a boxing gym, through I’ve walked through one to teach yoga at the back. I don’t fit in in the park full of mothers and babies, though I’ll happily walk with my friend and her son who I taught when she was carrying him inside. I don’t fit in in offices, though I spend an inordinate amount of time on a computer. I don’t fit in when I’m asked to peer review an article for ‘New Frontiers in Robotics’ having nohing to do with robots, though I nevertheless had something to say about physical intention, performativity, and the politics of simultaneity.

I stand on the edge of spaces: supporting artists as a dramaturg, writing reports about the effects of long term political changes that happened decades ago, watching movement and analysing it, figuring out class structures to embody ideas and open perception without knowing what the outcomes will be. I stand on the edge – looking looking looking – until I feel I can step into the centre, forgetting that these edges are centres of their own making: individual perspectives, points of contact, as well as entry. I’m told I see connections between things pretty quickly. Standing on the edges is an ‘and’ space, a ‘with’ space, maybe also an ‘if’ or ‘but’ space.

Why this blog then?

This blog – then – is a threshold of thoughts on and from my working life in movement, as an artist, educator and researcher. Entrepreneurs would weep at the lack of niche – movement is too big, it’s everything, it’s everywhere! Well yes, and so here are some thoughts about it, when called for, impelled, provoked, asked for, or shoved into shape. And what’s more – if something speaks to you, I’m open for collaborations, so do get in touch.

See, movement fits in everywhere, especially in language.

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