Here is a beautiful picture by photographer and artist Mira Loew, taken in her old studio somewhere in Dalston in 2012 or there abouts, where there was a white cat somewhere out of shot. The patterns on the floor make the composition even more striking – my legs forming similar corners and edges inside shapes,Continue reading “Patterns”

Where to go when you fit in everywhere, or What’s all this about then?

Well, movement is everywhere, but I’m not everywhere. I don’t fit in in a boxing gym, through I’ve walked through one to teach yoga at the back. I don’t fit in in the park full of mothers and babies, though I’ll happily walk with my friend and her son who I taught when she wasContinue reading “Where to go when you fit in everywhere, or What’s all this about then?”

Exertion-recuperation, or How I think about endurance

Squirrel The squirrel pushes its lower legs into the ground, and extending its front legs out, springs in curved pathways across the ground to the tree. I – anthropomorphic – find it cartoon-like and funny. The squirrel could be stressed, though. This bounce could be for joy; it could be for efficiency. It could beContinue reading “Exertion-recuperation, or How I think about endurance”