What is dramaturgy?

Befriending the artistic work The artist makes the work; the dramaturg support the process. Less movement intervention and more conversation partner and offering second set of eyes/perceptual systems: dramaturgy is a bit like being a midwife of the artwork in its development. Dramaturgs ask a lot of questions. If we are working on the developmentContinue reading “What is dramaturgy?”

What is movement coaching?

Interested in feeling more at home in your own skin or working on a particular skill? Check out these questions about working 1 to 1 with me How is movement coaching faciliated? I verbally facilitate and guide you in a variety of movement explorations, tasks and exercises. Sometimes I move with you, sometimes I demonstrateContinue reading “What is movement coaching?”

Where to go when you fit in everywhere, or What’s all this about then?

Well, movement is everywhere, but I’m not everywhere. I don’t fit in in a boxing gym, through I’ve walked through one to teach yoga at the back. I don’t fit in in the park full of mothers and babies, though I’ll happily walk with my friend and her son who I taught when she wasContinue reading “Where to go when you fit in everywhere, or What’s all this about then?”